To Whom It May Concern,

I am the Field Operations Manager for Subway Development of Maine. Our company contracts with the Subway Corporation for opening new locations across the State of Maine. My primary job with the Development Office is to oversee the construction of new locations and relocations. I was lead Field Manager for the opening of our Sabattus, Maine location and the relocation of our Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine store. The General Contractor for both these locations was Jerry Poisson. Jerry completed both the new location and relocation with 100% Subway approval. With the outstanding work completed by Jerry on the above two locations I asked him if he would be interested in being added to our Certified Contractors list.

Jerry Poisson did high quality work on both jobs, always with attention to detail, maintaining a professional work atmosphere and following the Subway required plans to the letter. Both job sites were clean, organized, following safe standards, with completion by the agreed upon date and price. In both location no Change Orders were required.
If you would like CAD Plans or photos of Jerry’s Subway build outs or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime my email or cell phone.

Peter Beaudoin
Subway Development of Maine
Field Operations Manager

Office: (207) 699-3988
Cell: (207) 671-7386

It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Jerry Poisson.

Jerry was the general contractor for two of my Little Caesars restaurants in Bath, Maine (2011) and in Waterville, Maine (2012). I had no prior relationship with Jerry, who is recommended by the Lewiston Maine business development office as well as the Adroscoggin County Chamber of Commerce.

Jerry’s services as a general contractor were invaluable and I am extremely pleased with the final result in both locations. The quality of work was excellent in his familiarity with building codes and dealing with a local government facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process. I was very impressed with Jerry’s work ethic and the attention to detail he displayed in his projects. Having worked with many other contractors in the past, Jerry easily stands out as a notch above all the rest;  his honesty and tenacity should be an example for everyone else in the construction field.

Again, I highly recommend Jerry Poisson. If I can provide any additional information please contact me at (207) 522-5704 or